Dugeun Dugeun Hangugeo Ep.1 Dream High

Hello, Everyone.
Welcome to “Dugeun Dugeun Hangugeo” on KBS World.
Using Korean Dramas and K-pops as your guide, we will learn Korean in a fun way.
I am Ka Eran, an announcer.
As an announcer, I try to use only formal Korean language.
In order for you to learn Korean in a fun and easy way, I will take responsibility and help you.
My heart is beating very fast to be meeting new friends around world.
It’s beating like this. “Dugeun Dugeun”.
“Dugeun Dugeun” expresses the sound of heartbeat when someone is very excited or surprised.
I hope that your hearts will also beat fast as you have a great time learning Korean.
Shall we start?

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